When Andrew Gold's father was diagnosed with cancer he knew he needed to step up to support his family financially. After spending years working to treat his older brother's struggle with addiction, the family was essentially bankrupt. He spent a little over a year selling cannabis while in college to support his family. Andrew successfully saved his family's home from being foreclosed on and his father went into remission.

Andrew moved to Boston to pursue his interest in the cannabis industry and was awarded one of the original nine licenses for medical marijuana in Massachusetts. At the age of 25 he was on track to be one of the youngest operators of a vertically integrated company in the industry. Then in 2014 he was arrested and sentenced to 55-months in federal prison as a first-time non-violent cannabis offender.

In 2018 Andrew was released and despite everything he'd endured he worked to rebuild his life. We are so proud that this month Andrew will graduate with his MBA from Boston University. We hope to now help Andrew to achieve his dream of finding success in the cannabis industry.


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