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As political momentum builds for legalization, the political will is also increasing for cannabis criminal justice reform. The time is right to seek redress for cannabis prisoners and LPP is seizing on this momentum through our Cannabis Clemency Project.


Since there is generally no right to post-conviction representation in the US, and since many lack the knowledge and skillset to seek clemency and other relief, the Cannabis Clemency Project seeks to organize a national pro bono effort to assist these deserving individuals in coordination with our program partner the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. 


To get this critical program off the ground we need your help!

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People incarcerated in the US for a drug law violation.

People incarcerated in the US - 

the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Estimated number of individuals currently incarcerated on victimless cannabis offenses.


The focus of the Cannabis Clemency Project is currently on the state level, where most individuals incarcerated for cannabis crimes are held. Our program partner, NACDL has built a centralized case management system. It will provide volunteer lawyers secure access to applicant information and empower project staff to track the status of cases. Having this infrastructure in place allows the focus to be on the applicants’ cases and supporting volunteers rather than on overhead, and it provides streamlined administrative tasks such as assignment and reporting on cases.

Cannabis Clemency Project staff will develop a volunteer training regimen targeted at the needs and goals of each state. Volunteers will be supported throughout the process by experienced counsel. The Cannabis Clemency Project will assume the core responsibility of tracking applicants, volunteers, and case progression. Using the case management system and communication with volunteers and their firms, project staff can see who is working on each case and where in the process that case is. This gives project staff the ability to establish and enforce deadlines to ensure timely completion of the case.

To read some of the stories of those who the Cannabis Clemency Project will help to release, click here.


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