Corvain grew up in South Central Los Angeles. He loved fashion, and after high school he went to work at a clothing store. His passion led to him opening a small clothing business in his old Los Angeles neighborhood. In 2013, Corvain was arrested for his role in a marijuana distribution operation. Despite his minor role in the operation, due to his refusal to testify against others and a federal “three strikes law” for two other possession offenses, Corvain is now serving life in prison.

Corvain is a devoted father and son, but unfortunately has been unable to see his family since he was transferred from California to a federal prison in Louisiana. Although the prior charges that led to his life sentence have now been reduced to misdemeanors under California law, the Supreme Court has refused to reconsider Corvain’s sentence. As of now, his only hope is that President Trump will grant him clemency and commute his life sentence. You can sign Corvain’s petition asking President Trump to commute his sentence here.


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