In the 70s and 80s, John Knock was part of a loose group of individuals that imported marijuana into the northwest, Canada, and Europe. For most of this time John lived out of the country. Around 1987 John withdrew and spent his time at home with his family doing various home improvement jobs, taking care of property and working on his relationships with his family. During this time, members of the group continued to import cannabis - even into the US.

     John, his wife and child were living in Hawaii in 1994 when he was indicted for complicated conspiracy. His wife was completing her PhD in biology and he was a stay at home Dad, enjoying his time with family and young son. 

     John says that he lives his life in prison as a person of integrity and moderation. He is still housed in a high security institution because of the length of his sentence, but he lives responsibly and over the past 23+ years of incarceration he has an incident free, unblemished record. John is currently seeking clemency and will continue to work towards that goal until he is freed from prison for his harmless incarceration.


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