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This page is constantly updated with new stories of those who have been impacted by the criminalization of cannabis.

If you or someone you know would like to share their story please contact us.



Arrested for what would now be classified as a misdemeanor.

Sentenced to life in prison under three strikes law.

After the US Supreme Court denied Corvain’s appeal, Corvain still hopes for executive clemency.



Imprisoned for simply putting money from cannabis sales in her bank account.

Served four years out of a seven year sentence.

Is now reunited with her family and daughter and working to rebuild her life.


We need more happy endings like Evelyn.



Convicted and sentenced to prison for cultivating cannabis.


Served six and a half years in federal prison.

Now makes a living legally selling the same plant he lost over six years of his life for.



Sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for drug possession and distribution.

This was the longest prison sentence imposed on a first time, non-violent offender in American history.

He now makes a living by advocating for prison reform, working at his non-profit, The Creative Writing Foundation, and his hemp cafe.



Imported cannabis in the 70's and 80s.

The sentencing judge admitted the crimes he was arrested for were victimless.

John has served twenty three years of a life sentence and continues to seek clemency. 

His sister, Beth Curtis, has devoted her life to sharing not just John’s story, but all those serving life sentences for cannabis through her website



Holds the distinction of receiving one of the harshest sentences for marijuana ever handed down by the Ninth Circuit.


Charged with conspiracy to manufacture marijuana and is serving a de facto life sentence for a nonviolent, marijuana-only offense.


Long spends his time in prison performing and writing music



Michael Thompson is serving a de facto life sentence in the now legalized state of Michigan for selling 3 pounds of marijuana to a police informant.


During the 25 years he has spent imprisoned, his father, mother, and his only son have died. His mother’s final wish was that Thompson wouldn’t die in prison.


He continues to fight for clemency from the Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.