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Food Safety Training Scholarships for the Last Prisoner Project

SCS Global Services supports LPP’s reentry work

EMERYVILLE, Calif.Jan 28, 2020

SCS Global Services (SCS) and the Last Prisoner Project (LPP) are pleased to announce a joint partnership to provide food safety training scholarships for formerly incarcerated individuals affected by the criminalization of cannabis.

The Last Prisoner Project is a new advocacy organization made up of cannabis industry leaders, executives and artists dedicated to making sure that every victimless cannabis prisoner is released, welcomed home and supported by their community. “Millions of Americans have been impacted by incarceration and the collateral consequences for nonviolent cannabis offenses,” said Sarah Gersten, LPP Executive Director and General Counsel. “It is imperative that this emerging industry create pathways to employment for those disproportionately impacted by prohibition.”

“SCS has an ongoing commitment to social justice,” said Diane Dulmage, SCS Training Manager. “We’re very happy to donate our professional education services to the Last Prisoner Project.”

SCS is offering a variety of food safety classes and, for those interested in working with edibles (baked goods, chocolate, and beverages) or CBD oils, the “GMP and HACCP Training for Cannabis Manufacturing” will help them stand out from the crowd. They will earn Certificates of Completion in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) or HACCP, a level of training which exceeds most state’s current regulations for cannabis companies and is valued by food companies around the world.

LPP Founding Member Steve DeAngelo said, “Those of us fortunate enough to participate in the legal cannabis industry have a moral obligation to assist people still in prison for doing the same thing we do every day— and a precious opportunity to make real change in the lives of real people. I call on every person and every company in the industry to emulate the example of SCS and do what you can to ensure each and every cannabis prisoner is released, and provided the resources they need to rebuild the lives that have been stolen from them. Together, we can bring them home”.


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